Masters of Egyptian Choreography Vol. 4 - Soraia - DVD

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Soraia Zaied is an established star of Cairo's current belly dance scene. Her style is very Egyptian with a little Latin influence. Soraia is popular with the Egyptians and loved by the international belly dance community. She currently performs every night at the upscale InterContinental Citystars hotel in Heliopolis. Prior to the InterContinental she was under contract for years as the primary dancer at the Sheraton Hotel in Dokki and also made regular appearances at the Marriott Hotel in Zamalek. Despite her very busy performing schedule, she is now making more time to travel and teach her unique style through workshops all around the world. She is an amazing dancer with a very strong technique, so don't miss the opportunity to learn from her in this exclusive instructional DVD.

Special Features:

* Detailed choreography instruction to Soraia's own Oriental opening music
* Technique exercises
* Full performance of choreography in costume
* An exclusive interview with Soraia
* Live footage of show at the Hotel InterContinental

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