Masters of Egyptian Choreography Vol. 5 - Dandash - DVD

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Dandash is a master of Egyptian dance, and her unique, earthy style has made her a very popular dancer in Cairo’s main clubs of El Haram Street. She teaches a wonderful entrance choreography and also a warm-up were she also shows many of her steps.
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Dandash is the dancer to watch! If you are looking for a taste of true Egyptian style dance, she is a very seasoned performer, and an experienced teacher who is very generous in sharing her vast knowledge with her students. Originally from Alexandria, she quickly became one of Cairo's most popular local dancers who is known for her unique, earthy style, great sense of humor, and charisma on stage. Dandesh performed at all the main nightclubs in Cairo's El Haram street; El Leil, Al Manar, Al Andalous, and Moulin Rouge. She is very respected amount the dance community in Cairo and has taught many of today's popular dancers. This is a very special opportunity to learn from one of Cairo's most loved dancers!

Special Features:
* Special warm-up with Dandash
* Detailed choreography instruction to Dandash's own Oriental opening music
* Technique exercises
* Full performance of choreography in costume
* An exclusive interview with Dandash

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