Mercedes Nieto presents Habibi Music for Oriental Dance Vol. 3 - CD

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Inspiring, passionate, artistic, Mercedes Nieto’s third album Habibi offers the very best of oriental dance music both to dancers and listeners. The CD contains song of the most soulfull classical middle eastern song rearrangements as well as original compositions: A mesmerizing oriental routine, a fun ballad, a hot saidi-shaabi, and an artistic tabla solo. The very special album also includes one of the last and legendary to be compositions of the late Monier Abdel Aziz, which is the album’s leading song “Habibi”.

1. Habibi (Oriental Routine)
2. Il Areeb Minnak Baed (Classical Song of Nagat Al Saghira)
3. El Touba (Classical Song of Abdel Halim Hafez)
4. Ranet Khulkhal / Kullak Sha’awa (Saidi - Shaabi)
5. Glamour Tabla
6. Raks Halawa
7. Baladi Mercedes
8. Isal Rohak (Classical Song of Oum Kalthoum)
9. Karat Al Fengan (Classical Song of Abdel Halim Hafez)
10. Il Areeb Minnak Baed (Short edit)

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