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Mix-and-Match Fitness Fusion with Michelle Joyce - DVD

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Bye bye boredom! Prepare to challenge your muscles in different ways for a total fitness experience.

Fitness fusion is a great way to pump up your  workouts and burn fat while banishing boredom. We combine modern dance,  belly dance, Pilates, ballet and yoga to provide fast, effective  workouts for your busy schedule.

The unique DVD menu allows you to do a  workout in just one style or to mix-and-match elements from all of them  to create your own customized workout. By mixing things up you're able to meet your goals  for improved endurance, balance, strength, grace, muscle tone and  agility in a single workout. 

With 5 unique workout styles and hundreds of  mix-and-match options, this 2 ½ hour DVD is chock full of fun and  original exercises. Tired of the same old workouts? Mix it up with fitness fusion!

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