Mokhtar Al Said: Jalilah's Raks Sharki 1 - CD

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Classical Egyptian belly dance music and routines.

Track Listing

01.Mashaal   (9:17)
02.Lissa Fakir   (5:01)
03.Rakset El Wadiyya   (4:00)
04.Tabla Solo   (2:43)
05.Finale Of First Routine   (0:58)
06.Bayt Al Qadi   (2:50)
07.Maktoob Aleyha   (5:33)
08.Ranet Al Khul Khal   (9:44)
09.Ansaak Ya Salem   (6:46)
10.Rakset Mizmar   (2:45)
11.Tabla Solo   (2:25)
12.Finale Of Second Routine   (1:08)
13.Qasr Al Shoq   (2:59)
14.Daqt El Mizmar   (3:22)

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