Nights of Tarab - Mohammed El Ouzabi and Mohammed Kheyri - CD

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Egypt's Mohammad El Ouzabi & Syria's Mohammed Kheyri present the folklore of their countries. These selections were performed in 1973.

  1. Al Moukadama (Instrumental)  
  2. Mawwal Al Zekra (Mohammad El Ouzabi)  
  3. Ayni Raat Gazala (Mohammad El Ouzabi)  
  4. Laeyt Tera (Mohammad El Ouzabi)  
  5. El Nas Maadin (Mohammad El Ouzabi)  
  6. Alb Yalli Mathannash (Mohammad El Ouzabi)  
  7. Ya Ammi (Mohammad El Ouzabi)  
  8. Al Damir Sahah (Mohammad El Ouzabi)  
  9. Beda, Beda (Mohammad El Ouzabi)  
  10. Ya Bahaia (Mohammad El Ouzabi)  
  11. Ana Haweit (Mohammed Kheyri)  
  12. Mawwal Al Tabib (Mohammed Kheyri)  
  13. Awwal Ishrid Mahboobi (Mohammed Kheyri)  
  14. Ya Hilou Ya Msallini (Mohammed Kheyri)  
  15. Mawwal Allah (Mohammed Kheyri)  
  16. Dikayitni Leh (Mohammed Kheyri)  
  17. Al Arasiyya (Mohammed Kheyri)  
  18. Jina Aradikom (Mohammed Kheyri)  
  19. Addouka Mayyas (Mohammed Kheyri)  
  20. Hali, Hali, Hal (Mohammed Kheyri)  

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