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On Fire! The Hottest Bellydance CD Ever... CD

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This CD soundtrack features the music from the best-selling DVD "On Fire!" which presents dynamic performances by world renowned dancers Ansuya, Jillina, Tamra-henna, Rania, and Aziza. Through their diverse styles, they present some of the most popular and authentic belly dance music.

  1. Ansuya "Sallam Alay" 6:32 (Egyptian Saidi)  
  2. Jillina "Daret Al Ayam" 4:28 (Classical Egyptian)  
  3. Tamra-henna "Henna Ya El Henna" 5:07 (Egyptian Balady)  
  4. Rania "Hilwa Laaba Di" 4:30 (Egyptian Balady)  
  5. Aziza "Gana Al Hawa" 10:39 (Classical Egyptian)  
  6. Ansuya "Luxor Baladna" 4:45 (Egyptian Saidi)  
  7. Jillina "Wahashtini" 5:27 (Classical Egyptian)  
  8. Tamra-henna "Balady" 5:22 (Egyptian Accordion Balady)  
  9. Rania "Cycle of Life" 4:36 (Egyptian Percussion)  
  10. Aziza "Sawwah" 8:17 (Egyptian Classical)  
  11. Jillina "Tahtil Shibbak" 3:42 (Egyptian Balady)  

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