Raksa by Amir Sofi - Music for Bellydance - CD

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Raksa by Amir Sofi is created for discerning world music aficionados and professional belly dancers alike. Featuring soulful, authentic instrumentation from Egypt's top musicians - it is perfect for the performer who requires powerful, engaging, high quality tracks. This marriage of compelling compositions and state of the art recording yields a wide variety of musical styles, sure to transport you to the heart of Cairo. Get ready to be moved.


Raksa 4:53
Donyeti 4:41
Desert Dream 4:31
Apex (Solo Darbuka) 3:50
Gawaret El Fan 4:56
Halim Mix 5:11
Love 4:43
Talk to Me (Solo Percussion) 3:32
Shahrzad 4:54
Enta El Hob 4:39
Twilight 4:32
Drumtronic 3:47

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