Sadie Presents Totally Hot Oriental: Music for Bellydance Performance - CD

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Totally Hot Oriental is a collection of vintage to modern music for bellydance performance personally selected by world-famous bellydancer Sadie. Includes three diverse suites: The Vintage & Classic suite is a great introduction to the music popularized during the Golden Era of Oriental Dance; the Modern Egyptian & Oriental suite features new compositions for oriental dance as well as classic compositions rearranged with a contemporary sound; the Tarab & Taksim suite presents classical masterpieces and improvised solos that induce an emotional connection with the music.
Vintage & Classic:
1. Sahra (Bassil Moubayyed) 4:26
2. Bashra (Setrak Sarkissian) 5:37
3. Raksat Al Amira (Bassil Moubayyed) 5:16
4. Classic Balady (Setrak Sarkissian) 4:33
5. Tabla Maa Tabla (Seyyed Madbouli) 3:46
6. Habbina (Hamouda Ali) 2:53
7. Accordion Balady (Hamouda Ali) 2:45

Modern Egyptian & Oriental:
8. Sharm El Sheik (Zamalek Musicians) 3:56
9. Tahtel Shibbak (Gizira Band) 4:51
10. Ya Wahshni (Sami Nossair Orchestra) 3:12
11. Balady Wa Tabla (Cairo Caravan) 3:47
12. Raqset Sadie (Al-Ahram Orchestra) 3:45
Tarab & Taksim:
13. Aly Gara (Mohamed Ali Ensemble)
14. Kanoun Solo (Hamouda Ali) 3:31
15. Baa Ayiz Tinsani (Mohamed Ali Ensemble) 6:20
16. Khayal (Bassil Moubayyed) 2:19
17. Hayyarti Albi (Cairo Orchestra) 4:33

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