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Saidi Dance - Technique and Combinations with Vanessa of Cairo - DVD

Saidi Dance - Technique and Combinations with Vanessa of Cairo - DVD

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In "Saidi Dance - Technique & Combinations" Vanessa teaches steps and styling for women’s folk dance from the Said, Upper Egypt. Saidi dance, or Raks Assaya when performed with cane or a stick (‘assaya’ in Arabic), mimics many movements of Tahtib, the Egyptian stick fighting martial art, and often features steps from other popular folk dances.

This Saidi Dance instructional program is the creation of Oriental Dance star Vanessa of Cairo who has lived and performed professionally in Egypt for over 8 years. Along with a successful solo performance career, Vanessa is the founder of a stage show production company specializing in Egyptian folklore and featuring Vanessa’s choreographies performed by Egyptian and foreign professional dancers. Her work as a choreographer has gained acclaim for capturing the cultural depth and nuance of Egyptian folk dances, which have in turn inspired Vanessa to share the wealth of this authentic material in her dance instruction.

In this program Vanessa teaches Saidi dance both with and without the assaya, blending traditional Saidi steps with elements of men’s Tahtib martial art and folk dance styles. Vanessa’s  tips on styling, as well as her do’s and don’ts of performing Saidi dance on stage are invaluable for artists seeking to convey the authentic feel of Egyptian dance in their performance work. 75 minutes.

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