Shake It Out! Sherena's Guide to Shimmies, Strength & Yoga - DVD

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Join Sherena for a shimmy intensive on her new DVD: Shake It Out. In this extended shimmy tutorial, Sherena breaks down basic technique then jumps into the the real nitty gritty - layering. First she takes you through drills for layering shimmies with upper body movements, lower body movement, and with footwork. Then these concepts are put into practice with a few fun combinations.

You know her dancing from Project Belly Dance Season 1, but did you know that Sherena is also a certified yoga instructor? In this DVD she teaches a 45 minute yoga class that is especially designed for dancers. As you work on strength, balance and flexibility in this section, it will not only help you to achieve strong, loose shimmies, but it will help in all aspects of your dance.

For a bit of fun, Sherena also leads you through an arm workout that is done while sustaining a shimmy. Then you have a chance to see all that technique in action with a live performance.

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