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Shake Me Ya Gamal by Gamal Goma - CD

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Shake Me Ya Gamal features Middle-Eastern Tabla And Percussion By Gamal Goma, Leading Egyptian Percussionist. Gamal's Dynamic And Creative Performance Brings you fun and exciting drum solos for middle eastern dance or the percussion enthusiast.

  1. Sahra Saidi (Saidi) 4:45  
  2. Cycle Of Life (Malfoof) 4:37  
  3. Mouhammad Ali Street (Maqsum) 6:10  
  4. Zaar (Ayyoub) 4:28  
  5. Khaliji Hafla (Khaliji) 5:13  
  6. Harvest's End (Fallahi) 4:07  
  7. Samaiyat (Various Rhythms) 4:43  

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