Shake it up! Exotic Bellydance Performances - DVD

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A Presentation of Mesmerizing Perfomances From an All-Star Cast of Dancers Who Perform Diverse Styles of Bellydance From Traditional to Modern, and Folkloric to Fusion. Featuring:

1. Viktoriya "Samah Innoba"
2. Ava Fleming "Zeina"
3. Jamileh "Ahlan Setrak"
4. Ansuya "Hani"
5. Adam Basma Dance Co. "Ala Dalona"
6. Meleah "Zen Arabiana"
7. Khadejah "Et Dalla"
8. Virginia "Solo Tabla"
9. Jayna "Laylet Hob"
10. Sohaila "Abart Al Shat"
11. Kaya "Al Heyla"
12. Sadie "Badawiyya's Teasing"

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