imageHOW TO CHOOSE YOUR SIZE offers products from several different manufacturers. One product's sizing may be entirely different than another. We hand measure each product to provide the most accurate measurement we can. You can find these measurements and other product details in the description located in the lower section of each product page.


You will need a soft tape measure and a full-length mirror. It's best to be undressed or in body-hugging/workout clothes. Make sure to hold the tape measure straight across your body and that it is snug but not too tight. Be sure to stand as straight as possible for the best results.


A.   Around chest/fullest part of bust   
B.   Around underbust/ribcage   
C.   Around true waist (not necessarily "waistband" of product)   
D.   Around hip bones or where you want the item to sit on your body       
E.   Around low hip (the fullest part of hips/butt), typically about 7 inches down from hip bones       
F.   Inseam - length straight down from crotch to ankle       
G.   Outseam - length straight down from high hip to ankle


CHEST: Around chest/fullest part of bust   
UNDERBUST: Around underbust/where your bra sits

Finding your true designated bra size can be challenging. The simplest way to do this is to start with your underbust measurement.

The designated bra band size is determined by adding 4 inches to even numbers of an underbust measurement, and 5 inches to an odd number. In other words, if your underbust measurement is 29 or 30 inches, your DESIGNATED bra band size will be 34. An underbust measurement of 31 or 32 will be designated as 36, and so on. The designated bra band size begins to get closer to your actual underbust measurement at about 40 inches underbust measurement, which is designated as 40.

Once you determine what your DESIGNATED bra band size is (not actual underbust measurement), you will find your cup size by the inch difference between that designated number and your actual chest measurement. For example, if your designated band size is 34, and your chest measurement is 36 inches, the difference between those numbers is 2.

The formula to determine cup size is the difference between the two numbers:
1 = A cup
2 = B cup
3 = C cup
4 = D cup
And so on...