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Spice Box - Helm & FatChanceBellyDance - CD

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Spice Box is a colorful display of the rich musical traditions encountered along this spice road journey from Afghanistan to Morocco. Using solely acoustic instruments, Helm brings you the true flavor of these melodies and rhythms. Perfectly suited for both tribal and solo dance styles, this recording will add a touch of authenticity to your performance. 60 minutes in length.

  1. The Rain Song  
  2. Beto Baharon  
  3. Chaharmezrab  
  4. Nihavent Oyun Havasi  
  5. Hicaz Oyun Havasi  
  6. La-Shir Be-kol Arev  
  7. Ya Shadil el Han  
  8. Sella Fina  
  9. Saidi Roah  
  10. Hati Kass el Rah  
  11. Dayate Maali  
  12. Maqsoum Musings  
  13. Inciraf & Khlas  
  14. Li Youm Lilt L'Khmiss  
  15. Shamulu  
  16. Ishwini Fik  

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