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Strictly Belly Dancing Vol. 2 - Eddie "the Sheik" Kochak - CD

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Music for Belly Dancing - featuring Joseph Kassab and Hakki Obadia.

  1. Leila (Fast/Mod. Tempo) 2:35ÿÿ
  2. The Sensual Chifti (Rumba) 2:35ÿÿ
  3. Balady Kwayess (Medium/Fast) 1:32ÿÿ
  4. Taksims of slow Chiftis (Violin/Oud/Kanoun) 1:27ÿÿ
  5. Tabla Solos/Zils, Tabla/Various (Hel-ah-wah) 2:00ÿÿ
  6. Oud Solos with Cello & Violin 0:33ÿÿ
  7. Ameraba Style, Shish Kebab, Exciting Rhythms, 2:16ÿÿ
  8. Balady (Slow to Fast)ÿÿ
  9. Moderate/Fast Finale, Toota (Mod. Into Fast) 1:00ÿÿ
  10. Hawwil Ya Ghanam 3:51ÿÿ
  11. Ya-Bul-Ayoun-Il-Sood 3:30ÿÿ
  12. Sel-Im-Alay 1:18ÿÿ
  13. Ya Mal Il Sham 3:00ÿÿ
  14. Habibi Afeefee (sung by Eddie Kochak) 3:43ÿÿ

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