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Sultan of Bagdad Volume 2 - Mohamed El-Bakkar - CD

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Mohammed El-Bakkar and his Oriental Ensemble Present Music of the Middle East from the 60's and 70's, Making His Albums Must Have Classics.

  1. YA HABIBI (My Love) 3:05ÿÿ
  2. WHY-WHY FATIMA (Glorious Fatima) 3:32ÿÿ
  3. ANA WINTA (You and I) 3:26ÿÿ
  4. LAYSH-LAYSH (Why Oh Why) 4:05ÿÿ
  5. RAKSAT EL SAHARA (Desert Dance) 3:45ÿÿ
  6. YALLA-YALLA (Come with Me) 3:06ÿÿ
  7. SULTAN OF BAGDAD 3:36ÿÿ
  8. A-LA-ELWADEE (Rendezvous in the Valley) 3:09ÿÿ
  9. ZENAT EL HAFLAT (Girlish Laughter) 2:44ÿÿ
  10. ALRAK YA ASMAR (Empty of Love) 4:18ÿÿ
  11. SALAMAT-SALAMAT (Send My Heart) 3:38ÿÿ
  12. YA SHARA (Golden Hair) 2:59ÿÿ

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