Tales of Desire: A Tribal Fusion Bellydance Experience - DVD

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Be mesmerized by today's most influential tribal-fusion belly dance artists as they present Tales of Desire, a creative interpretation of desire through belly dancing. Approx. 1 hour

1. Unmata: Flaco 81
2. Arish Lam: The Noble and the Wicked
3. Sherri / Cherchez La Femme: The Alchemy of Salvation
4. The Nekyia: Kalypso
5. Mira Betz: Not Without
6. Steven: Bol Three
7. She‘enedra Catherine's Mood
8. Elizabeth Strong: Afghani Song
9. Aubre and Lumina Bellydance Company: Fosse Fusion
10. Sabrina Fox: Sentries & Serpents
11. Damage Control Dance Company: The Hunt
12. Bonus: Behind the Scenes Footage

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