The Grand Melodies of Om Kalsoum - Ahmad Al Hafnawi - CD

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Ahmad Al Hafnawi is considered the all-time greatest violinist in Egypt. His extensive career includes principal violin in Om Kalsoum?s Orchestra. This 1970?s recording features the original members of Om Kalsoum?s orchestra led by Ahmad Al Hafnawi, and represents Egypt?s greatest level of musicianship. Decades of collaboration with Om Kalsoum has given this orchestra the ability to best convey the deep, emotive power and richness of these compositions.

  1. Houwwa Sahih Il Hawa Gallab 10:34  
  2. Ha Akbalak Boukra 8:40  
  3. Al Amal 10:58  
  4. Ghannili Shiwayyi Shiwayyi 10:03  
  5. Habib Yisaad Awkatou 5:03  
  6. Lissa Fakir 8:26  
  7. Il Wardi Gamil 5:20  
  8. Ana Fi Intizarak 7:35  

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