Top 10 Reasons to Belly Dance by Amaya

#10) For the Sisterhood of it…nothing like a girl’s-night-out to the dance studio to laugh, shimmy and have a drink afterwards with like-minded women!  When women gather outside the circle of men, kids, jobs….they glow.

#9)  Better Health….burn some calories, flatten those abs, stretch out those kinks and stand taller.  Gain cardio stamina, muscle strength PLUS the knowledge that you can hold those arms up longer than any football player. Your doctor will love you for taking bellydance classes...
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Selecting, Using and Storing Balanced Belly Dance Props By Princess Farhana

Before you buy a sword, or scimitar (a larger, sharply curved sword), make sure it is correctly balanced. Swords are easy to test: a sword that isn’t balanced at all will fall flat on your hand (or head) making it completely useless. One that is balanced properly will stand straight on its blade. If a sword isn't balanced it may lean and will be more prone to wobble. Sometimes, you can kind of tweak the handle with your hand or a screwdriver (some are loose) and get it into correct balance; with some swords, you can actually take the entire handle off, turn it upside down, and it will balance better, but it may be awkward to hold.
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12 Tips for Teaching Bellydance Choreography to Your Students

Respected author and belly dance instructor Sara Shrapnell shares 12 Tips on Teaching Belly Dance Choreography to your students. 1. Finalize your choreography before you start teaching it to your students, but remain open minded and adaptable. If they can’t do a combination or they don’t travel far enough to make the shape you wanted, then you are going to have to make changes.
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8 Essential Stretches for the Bellydancer

The following 8 stretches are extremely valuable for any belly dancer, and can be incorporated into your stretching routine. Best results will come if you use them at least three times a week in conjunction with your other exercises and drills.
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Belly Dance Class Essentials: What’s in your bag?

One of the ways that time management professionals recommend reducing stress is to build activity kits that are complete and ready to go. For a student of dance, that means keeping a bag packed and ready with belly dance class essentials. In this post is a checklist of items & belly dance clothing that many dancers feel are essentials.
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