Turn it Up! Mastering Spins and Turns - Summer Sahar - DVD

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Turn it Up! by Summer Sahar focuses on the technique and strength necessary to execute tight, controlled, and quick turns. Summer Sahar draws on her training in jazz dance to help you develop the strength and alignment needed to breathe life into your turns. After sections on turning technique and strengthening exercises, Summer introduces an array of specific turns, including a few ballet turns that can be modified for belly dance. Duration: 124 mins.

1. 3 point turn
2. Paddle turn
3. Plant and unwind turn
4. Compass turn
5. Touch turn
6. Barrel turn
7. Chaine turns
8. Pas de bourree turn
9. Toe drag turn
10. Soutenu turn
11. Star turn
12. Pencil turn
13. Attitude turn

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