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Visit Me In Baghdad - CD

Visit Me In Baghdad - CD

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A musical journey though a city of culture - Come to Baghdad! Experience a city immortalized by its rich musical culture. Join us on a musical journey presenting "takasim" (improvisational solos), soulful rhythms, and immortal folk music.

  1. Hikayatna (Our story) 2:49  
  2. Wusul Ila Baghdad (Coming to Baghdad) 3:58  
  3. Ta-atof (sympathy) 1:34  
  4. Shlonak Ayni Shlonak (How are you?) 5:05  
  5. Fi Al Fajr (At the sunrise) 2:41  
  6. Zoorooni (Visit me once a year) 1:26  
  7. Tallat Ya Mahla Nourha (Saw great light) 2:38  
  8. Tallat Min Bayt Abouha (Leaves Father's home) 1:22  
  9. Shaar Al Shayeb (Whitening hair) 3:10  
  10. Abart Al Shat (Crossing the coast)  
  11. Fog El Nakhel (Above the palm tree) 4:13  
  12. Ya Rahib Al Dayr (Dear Priest of the Monastery) 4:52  
  13. Wakket Al Shukker (Thanksgiving ceremony) 6:21  
  14. Kanoun Baghdadi (Kanoun of Baghdad) 2:21  
  15. Dabke Iraqiyi (Folk Dance of Iraq) 2:44  
  16. Ya Sari Sarelleil (It's nighttime already?) 1:44  
  17. Bal Fala Jamal Sari (Camel Rider on the horizon) 6:26  

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