A Night at the Casbah - Eddie
A Night at the Casbah by Eddie the Sheik Kochak on CD

A Night at the Casbah - Eddie "the Sheik" Kochak - CD

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In A Night at the Casbah, Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak collaborates with master musicians Hakki Obadia, Mazin Hamdan, and Nick & George Korkoras, inviting you to a traditional night in the old city with the beat of the dumbek, the cry of the violin, and the moves of the exotic Belly Dancer.

  1. Ya Wazil Falfilou, Violin Chiftetelli, Ya Zahratan Fi Khayali  
  2. Aladelona  
  3. Violin Taksim, Oud Chiftetelli  
  4. Al Ouyoun Al Hilwa, Yalla Ya Hilwa, Ameraba Rhythms  
  5. Salla Mendili, Soude Soude, Ya Hayati  
  6. Ah Ya Zein  
  7. Anatolian Mood  
  8. Shisheler, Ya Banat Iskandaria  
  9. The Mysterious Violin  
  10. Raks Habiba  
  11. Guzelum Aman, Isterem Babajim  
  12. Rompi, Rompi  

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