Al Hawanem - Mohamed Ali Ensemble - CD
Al-Hawanem by Mohamed Ali Ensemble on CD

Al Hawanem - Mohamed Ali Ensemble - CD

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Cairo's Mohamed Ali Ensemble performs Middle-Eastern compositions from the 1930's-1970's with full orchestration. The authentic and rich music is ideal for listening or dancing.

  1. Layalil Ouns (Passing Nights) 3:46  
  2. Saken Fi Hayyet Al Sayyida (Lives in the street of the Madame) 4:14  
  3. Isal Marra Alayya (Ask about me once) 3:06  
  4. Ayni Bitreff (My Eye Is Blinking) 3:04  
  5. Hediyyat Al Eid (Gift of the Holiday) 1:56  
  6. Leylit Eid (Night of Holiday) 2:49  
  7. Sett Al Habayib (Woman of Love-Mother) 4:50  
  8. Il Alb Walla Al Eyn (The Heart or the Eye?) 2:57  
  9. Baqa Ayiz Tinsani (All that's left is that you forget me) 6:21  
  10. Ya Halawit Il Dunya (The Sweetness of the World) 3:46  
  11. Ya Ward Ala Foul Wi Yasmin (The Rose on Carnation and Jasmin) 0:59  
  12. Talaat Ya Mahla Nourha (How Beautiful Is the Sunrise) 1:38  

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