Ansuya Instructional 5-DVD Set
Ansuya Instructional Belly Dance 5-DVD Set

Ansuya Instructional 5-DVD Set

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Enhance your dance with instruction from one of the world’s foremost and accomplished bellydancers, ANSUYA! Ansuya is the master of combining traditional bellydance with modern movements to keep your performances fresh and entertaining for all audiences.  With this 5-DVD set, you will be sure to add scores of new movements and combinations to your vocabulary and be inspired to create your own.

Drum Solo Technique & Choreography - Ansuya will teach you 9 exciting combinations that make a complete choreography to the timeless classic Tabla Sahrawi from the "Shik Shak Shok" album. As a bonus, this program also contains a warm up, cool down, and costumed performance by Ansuya! Running time: approx. 68 min.
Istanbul Nights - In this video, Ansuya will teach you a cabaret style bellydance choreography with Turkish feeling and Gypsy flair. Learn 9 spicy combinations, learn to play finger cymbals with the dance, put it all together for a complete choreography, then watch Ansuya perform this choreography AND and improvised performance in full costume! 80 Minutes.
Move Your Body - Ansuya will teach you an exciting bellydance fusion choreography!  Learn technique and combinations, which you can use independently or as a complete choreography. This fun and modern routine blends traditional bellydance with hip-hop and Indian movements to the hit song Move Your Body from the "Bangin’ Bellybeats" CD. Run time approx. 68 Minutes.
All New Hot Combinations - Enjoy friendly, easy to follow instructions of six new combinations as Ansuya breaks down, demonstrates and shows each combo from all angles! Practice these combos in a drill to polish transitions and get a fun workout! Watch Ansuya put these combos to use in a live, improvised performance. Whatever your level or style, you will love adding the  flavorful combinations to your own Bellydance choreographies and improvisations!
The Magic of Bellydance! - Let Ansuya show you how to transform yourself into a beautiful Bellydancing Goddess! If you are a woman of any dance level, age, body type or background then you are ready for this video. Women of all levels welcome! In this DVD Ansuya will teach you how to set an exotic mood in your home, enjoy a mystical bath, apply mesmerizing make up, create a dazzling costume, and perform a sensual dance routine! Thousands of women like yourself are enjoying the benefits of this ancient art that has become a modern trend. Running time: approx. 80 min.

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