Arabian Dance Fever - Dr. Samy Farag - CD
Arabian Dance Fever by Dr. Samy Farag on CD

Arabian Dance Fever - Dr. Samy Farag - CD

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Featuring Aboud Abdel Al on violin.

  1. Ya Hayati (Reggeton Mix)  
  2. The Lebanese Bride (Feat. Tony Anka)  
  3. Mizmar Dance (Feat. Kawa on Bozok)  
  4. Egyptian belly dance (Feat. Lebnan Khalil)  
  5. Arabian Dance Fever (Feat Nicholas Nakhle)  
  6. In the corner (Euro House Mix)  
  7. Welcome home (Feat. Rimon El Hajj)  
  8. Moulayiten (Feat. Tony Anka)  
  9. Nay Illusion  

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