Arabian Moods - Mohamed Saddigh - CD
Arabian Moods by Mohamed Saddigh on CD

Arabian Moods - Mohamed Saddigh - CD

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Mohamad Saddigh performs on the buzuk, a long-neck lute that is popular in the Levant, showcasing the music that results from the rich cultural mix of his homeland. With tasteful but exciting accompaniment on kanoun, violin, nay, tabla, rakk, and mazhar, Hassan takes the listener on a musical journey sure to delight the listener and the dancer alike.

  1. Taksim on Saz (1:52)  
  2. Mavi-Mavi (5:08)  
  3. Yalla Shofer (5:12)  
  4. Taksim on Nay (1:31)  
  5. Sar Sara Al Leyl (1:56)  
  6. Dalaleh (3:52)  
  7. Shinanay Yavroum (8:42)  
  8. Ya Aramalla (3:22)  
  9. Yalla Sbbou Hal Gahwa (1:39)  
  10. Ya Saad (3:39)  

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