Arabian Pleasure: Sensual Grooves + Exotic Dance - CD
Arabian Pleasure: Sensual Grooves and Exotic Dance on CD

Arabian Pleasure: Sensual Grooves + Exotic Dance - CD

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Indulge your senses with exotic Arabian melodies fused with cutting-edge chill out and club grooves. Mesmerizing ambient mixes will transport you to a sensual dreamscape while high-energy dance tracks will make you move.

  1. Roger Abboud: Ya Gamil  
  2. Jef Stott: Hizzy Ya Nawaem  
  3. Giacomo Bondi: Garden of Eden  
  4. Drumspyder: Ramallah  
  5. Roger Abboud: Sands of Time  
  6. Giacomo Bondi: The Sultan?s Dream  
  7. Roger Abboud: Desert Dancefloor  
  8. Giacomo Bondi: Aatini Nay  
  9. Jef Stott: Hebbina  
  10. Petrol Bomb Samosa: Il Hilwa Di  
  11. Roger Abboud: Electric Lotus  
  12. Giacomo Bondi: Ayoun El Soud  
  13. Drumspyder: Baghdad Dub Mix  
  14. Petrol Bomb Samosa: Enta Omri  

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