Arabic Rhythms with Tamra-henna - DVD
Arabic Rhythms with Tamra-henna on DVD

Arabic Rhythms with Tamra-henna - DVD

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Over two hours of outstanding instruction!

Rhythm is the foundation of Middle Eastern music. In addition to expressing the emotion of the melody and lyrics, a belly dancer must be on the beat and respond to the many rhythm changes that add depth and texture to Egyptian music. Tamra-henna, with Amir Sofi on table, teach you everything you need to understand Egyptian rhythms so your Raks Sharqi performances will beautifully interpret the subtle complexities of this wonderful music! And so you don't miss a beat, diagrams that illustrate each rhythm appear on the screen while Amir plays! You are also treated to a beautiful costumed performance by Tamra-henna!

Running Time: 136 minutes

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