Ballet Blast with Sherena - DVD
Ballet Blast with Sherena on DVD

Ballet Blast with Sherena - DVD

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Serious dancers know that regular practice is the key ingredient in making progress. But sometimes getting to ballet class does not fit into a hectic schedule. This DVD is expressly designed for use by experienced dancers who need a practice session on their terms.

Even though it is not specifically designed for beginners, Sherena breaks down each movement in detail to refresh your memory and to help you avoid common mistakes. Even though a home class is no substitute for a live teacher, Sherena does an excellent job cueing and making sure that technique is always in the forefront of your mind.

This DVD is uniquely chaptered so that you have the option to skip that exercise breakdowns, and do a nonstop, 20-minute session of pure working out. Unlike ballet class, which starts and stops, the extended practice session will allow you to get the full physical workout of a ballet class in a fraction of the time!

As an extra bonus, Sherena does her killer ballet booty blast exercise, which is sure to tone and strengthen and your backside!

Additionally, Sherena is a certified yoga instructor and she will lead you through a bonus 45-minutes stretch that is designed especially for dancers.

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