Bedouin Sahda - Naif Agby & Orchestra - CD
Bedouin Sahda by Naif Agby and Orchestra on CD

Bedouin Sahda - Naif Agby & Orchestra - CD

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NAIF AGBY is a native of the Lebanese town Ahden, and has traveled and lived in just about every part of the Middle-East. A seasoned and gifted musician trained in every phase of instrumental and vocal music, he came to the United States only after a long and successful career in the Middle-East, where he made stage and club appearances in major cities like Cairo, Beirut, Damascus, and Baghdad. His success in his native land was achieved also during innumerable theatrical and radio tours in the roles of singer and composer.

  1. Sahda-El-Badawia (Bedouin Sahda) Hiyam Younis
  2. Kadawiyeh (So Early) Mohamed Karim
  3. Aine-El-Kahla (Black Eyes) Souad Hashim
  4. Dabkee Moohayara (Surprise Dabkee) Orchestra
  5. Ya Em-El-Kal (Beautiful Mole) Mohamed Ali Berjawi
  6. El-Wardy Had-El-Bait (Our Red Rose) Souad Hashim
  7. Nadda-Nadda (Song of the Dew) Hiyam Younis
  8. Kir Mal-I-Youn El-Soud (Because of Your Eyes) Mohamed Karim
  9. El-Houwwarah-Dabkee (Dance El-Dabkee) Orchestra
  10. El-Kobra-La-Allah (Why So Proud) Samir Yagi

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