Belly Dance Class Essentials: What’s in your bag?

One of the ways that time management professionals recommend reducing stress is to build activity kits that are complete and ready to go. For a student of dance, that means keeping a bag packed and ready with belly dance class essentials. Below is a checklist of items & belly dance clothing that many dancers feel are essentials.


For belly dance classes class, you might want to invest in an extra set in a smaller size and gauge for quieter zilling during your classes. This will help keep noise levels down in large groups. Keeping a louder or professional-grade pair in your performance bag means you never accidentally leave your only pair in one place.


Veils are a fun, flirty, and essential prop - but there are lots of varieties. To be prepared, include a selection of belly dance practice wear in your dance class bag. A half-circle, poly-chiffon rectangle and silk rectangle are good basics to have packed at all times.

Practice Shoes

While some dance instructors encourage bare-foot dancing, it’s nice to keep a pair of practice shoes in your class bag to protect the bottoms of your feet from stray beads and other debris. If you perform regularly in heels – your practice shoes should be heels belly dance practice wear should include heels.

Belly Dance Practice Skirt

For some styles of dance, a skirt is essential. Perhaps this isn’t something you carry all the time, but knowing which skirt is deemed for practice can save time.

Head Wrap

Keep your hair (and sweat) out of your eyes during lessons with by including a fun and festive head-wrap among your belly dance workout clothes.

Two Hip Scarves

Although you probably only have one pair of hips, it’s nice to have two hip wraps for class, one silent and one jingly. Some instructors do not like jingly hip wraps in a class setting, while others encourage jingles because it helps them evaluate your movement. Having both in your belly dance practice wear bag means always being prepared!

Notebook and Pencil

Need to write down that bit of choreography? Making a note about a concept, event, or even contact information for fellow students is easy if you have a notebook and a pen or pencil.

Business Cards

When I’m away at workshops and retreats, I like to have a stack of business cards with me to share my contact info with new friends. Even if you’re just a student or consider your dance practice a hobby, this is a great way to connect with new friends via social media.

Snacks and Bottled Water

Stay hydrated and keep your energy from dropping with beverages and snacks for before and after class. Always have a bottle of water available during class and drink when you need it to keep your body in tip-top condition.

Mini First-aid Kit

For blisters, cuts and scrapes, a mini first-aid kit stocked with band-aids, ointments and painkillers will help you care for your favorite instrument – your body!

Clean-Up Kit

While some would call this over-kill, I’ve found having a miniature set of body-care products to be handy. A small makeup bag stocked with deodorant, toothbrush and paste, breath mints, perfume, wet-wipes and other products is great for that quick after-class clean-up before you dash off to coffee or dinner.

Small Towel

If you find that you have gone beyond glowing, keeping a small hand towel with your belly dance practice wear will help mop up!

While you may not need every item on this list for your belly dance class, consider including these items in your kit to make life easier.

Dawn Devine ~ Davina
Author, costumer, and dancer

About the author:
Dawn discovered belly dance as a teenager and under the professional dance name “Davina,” has been performing since the mid 80s and teaching since the early 90s. Dawn is an internationally acclaimed author and runs her own independent publishing company, Ibexa Press, a growing firm with a backlist of many titles that include: Costuming from the Hip, Embellished Bras, From Turban to Toe Ring, Bedlah, Baubles and Beads, and more.

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