Belly Dance Cross-Train Set - 3 DVD Set
Belly Dance Cross-Train Set - 3 DVD Set

Belly Dance Cross-Train Set - 3 DVD Set

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Cross-training in other dance styles makes for a well-rounded, more dynamic belly dance performance! 

Get ahead of the game with this amazing DVD set of technique-based instruction to further your dance and allow you to explore the best of hip hop, modern dance and ballet.

Body Motion is a 2-disc set with a full body workout that uses Modern Dance techniques to sculpt, shape and tone your entire body.

LEVEL 1 - introduces you to basic foundational movements that focus on contracting the abs and developing strength and control.

LEVEL 2 - is for experienced dancers who are looking to fine tune their technique, enhance their balance and to continue their training.
You will notice a change in your legs, arms, shoulders, buns and abs right away because each DVD is structured like a real dance class. 

In POW!: Unmata Choreography, Vol.1, Amy Sigil serves up another awesome short choreography to get your blood flowing, your fists pumping, and of course to blow your mind. POW!

This never before filmed or performed choreo is put together first through a break down of each movement, where Amy uses her artful ability to talk you through each step, she then moves you into the craft seamlessly tying the movements together, preparing you for the drill that gives you the opportunity to dance it out with world renowned UNMATA!

Warm up, get your towel, grab some water, and a hard working Sigil attitude! Dancing to the sounds of Sweet Snacks, this choreography is POW! in your face!

Serious dancers know that regular practice is the key ingredient in making progress. But sometimes getting to ballet class does not fit into a hectic schedule.  Ballet Blast is expressly designed for use by experienced dancers who need a practice session on their terms.

Even though it is not specifically designed for beginners, Sherena breaks down each movement in detail to refresh your memory and to help you avoid common mistakes. Even though a home class is no substitute for a live teacher, Sherena does an excellent job cueing and making sure that technique is always in the forefront of your mind.

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