The Healing Potential of Belly Dance: Recovering from Illness Through an Ancient Art Form

Belly dancing was the key to my restorative process and to reclaiming my health

In August 2009, I was faced with a potentially terminal disease. While at a follow-up appointment for an emergency appendectomy, my doctor informed me that I had stage 4 appendix cancer. It was at that time I decided to manifest the life I really wanted and wrote it down in my journal. I was at age 33, and I decided that my life was just beginning. I was a professional belly dancer and mother of three little boys; the youngest of which was only 18 months old. I searched around and found another doctor who was an appendix cancer specialist based in San Diego, and I was determined to be one of his success stories. Over two years, I had multiple major surgeries and endured six months of chemotherapy. Twice I had left the hospital hunched over a walker, the second of which I didn’t have mobility in my left leg.

However, I had written five dance goals in my journal, and where I saw myself in five years. I decided I didn’t want to waste any more time. This became my top motivation for rebuilding myself as quickly as I did. I rebuilt myself over and over again, and continued to belly dance while undergoing chemo treatments. I realized that the benefits of belly dance are astronomical. It naturally encompasses the four levels of healing, which include: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. I experienced how powerful the healing potential of belly dance was by using it in my restorative process. This ancient art form was a way to motivate myself, create balance, and reclaim my health. I felt like a beautiful woman again, and it brought a sense of normalcy back into my life.  ?

Remember the five goals I wrote down five years ago? I accomplished them all including starring in an instructional belly dance DVD. Being a successful belly dancer and now a proud cancer survivor, I realized that my purpose was to share what I have learned through my experiences and to encourage others who are faced with similar circumstances. My DVD, "Belly Dance for Healing from Illness," was created for women who are experiencing now, or recovering from illness, injury, or other physically limiting conditions. This gentle, holistic workout is tailored to fit various stages of recovery. You can begin this program when you are ready to take control of your health and well-being. This program provides you with belly dance movements, as well as strength building, yoga, and relaxation exercises. You can use the mini workout sessions with multiple levels and stages at your own convenience, in the privacy of your own home, or in the company of family and friends.

Physical benefits of belly dance

The physical benefits of belly dance include helping you to evenly strengthen your core and spine, thus promoting good posture. It increases muscle tone and flexibility, which builds a stronger body. The faster movements are great for your cardiovascular system, increasing blood flow and promoting the flow of oxygen throughout the body. The slower moments elevate self-awareness and muscle control, and can even become a form of meditation. The movements are low impact, which is gentle on your back and joints. Dance helps clear the mind and allows you to let go of stress. The mental benefits include empowerment, relaxation, and creativity. The emotional benefits are: increased self-esteem, contentment, happiness, fulfillment, and feeling of accomplishment. The spiritual benefits are: feeling centered, grounded, and connected to yourself, others, and your higher power. 

My intention with this program is to help lift your spirits, exercise your body, and relax your mind. I created this system to heal myself and now I am honored to be sharing it with you.?

Nadirah is an international, award-winning Middle Eastern Dance Artist based in San Diego, California. Inspired by the positive philosophies and dance instruction received from her teacher and mentor, Fahtiem, Nadirah has developed her own outlook on life and dance that she shares with all who will listen. Her DVD entitled "Belly Dance for Healing from Illness," is a well-reviewed DVD that inspires people all over the world. She is frequently a guest speaker at many events where she shares her story about how she used dance as a powerful healing tool, and help others realize how they can use it in their own journey. In addition to dance, Nadirah is also a certified Passion Test Facilitator and Yoga Instructor, and is a licensed Reiki and holistic health care practitioner. She works as a transformation and motivational speaker, trainer and coach. When Nadirah is not traveling, teaching workshops, or coaching her private clients, you can find her teaching dance classes and performing throughout Southern California.?