Belly Dance Triple Threat Set - Michelle Joyce - DVD
Belly Dance Triple Threat Set - Michelle Joyce on DVD

Belly Dance Triple Threat Set - Michelle Joyce - DVD

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Learn how to wow your audience with a breathtaking performance set!

In The Triple Threat Set, Michelle Joyce teaches you her own professional set that she has performed in all over the world. You will learn an entrance with a veil, a pop song and a drum solo to create an exciting and dynamic 8-minute performance set.

Each choreography has a dramatically different mood and feel, which will help you to develop your emotional range and versatility.

Though the choreography is geared toward intermediate dancers, Michelle teaches simple variations for to some of the more difficult movements and discusses how the choreography will change in different venues.

Michelle’s clear teaching style and extensive breakdowns make learning these choreographies a breeze. This DVD has detailed menus, for easy navigation and enhanced learning.

So what are you waiting for? Learn how to become a triple threat!!

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