Belly Dance with Veil by Sadie - DVD
Belly Dance with Veil by Sadie on DVD

Belly Dance with Veil by Sadie - DVD

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Dancing with a veil adds mystery and elegance to your movements. You can create an illusion that is a natural extension of your body, thus adding a touch of magic to your performance.

Sadie is one of the most recognized and celebrated bellydancers of all time. Her precision, isolations and graceful movements have captivated audiences in the world of bellydance and in the mainstream. In Belly Dance with Veil, Sadie will take you through veil basics to more advanced technique, then put it all together in exciting veil combinations.

Over two hours of in-depth instruction including:

* Veil Selection * Holds & Tucks * Veil Entrances * Swoops * Spirals * Spins and Turns * Dynamic Veil Tricks * Combinations * Plus a performance by Sadie to Wusul Ila Baghdad by the Mohamed Ali Ensemble.

Format: All Regions - NTSC All / Running Time: 137 Mins

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