Bellydance Connection (Performances) DVD
Bellydance Connection on DVD

Bellydance Connection (Performances) DVD

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Today's most popular dancers come together on one DVD! This All-Star lineup features breath-taking performances in a variety of styles such as Egyptian and Lebanese, Traditional and Modern. Glamorous costumes meet captivating melodies by artists such as: The Al-Ahram Orchestra, Dr. Samy Farag, The Zamalek Musicians, Susu Pampanin, The Upper Egypt Ensemble and More!

1. Aziza: “Nadia” Classical Egyptian
2. Amar Gamal & Kaeshi: “Banat Iskandariya” Bellydance Duet
3. Sandra: “Gan Al Hawa” Classical Egyptian
4. Virginia: “Gawaher” Modern Egyptian
5. Louchia: “Aminti Billah” Egyptian Balady
6. Nathalie: “Accordion Solo” Egyptian Balady
7. Stevie: “Harramtini” Egyptian Balady
8. David: “Ana Ma Fiyee” Egyptian Saidi
9. Zaheea: “Habibi Inta” Modern Lebanese
10. Tamra-henna: “Saher al Sharq Etneen” Modern Egyptian
11. Adam Basma: “Bracelet Dance” Folkloric Group Performance
12. Rania: “Aziza” Classical Egyptian

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