Bellydance Divas - Hot Bellydance Performances - DVD
Bellydance Divas - Hot Bellydance Performances on DVD

Bellydance Divas - Hot Bellydance Performances - DVD

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Bellydance is over 5,000 years old, with roots extending out through many of the ancient culters: India, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Persia, and the mid-East. These dances have origin in ritual/tribal dances, temple dances, social dances, exercises to prepare women for childbirth, and dances of victory. Throughout the many countries, cities, towns and villages that have the dance as part of their culture, one can see stylistic nuances in t both the dance and costuming that mark the style of that region. This is why this DVD presents you  with several different styles of bellydance in this program:  Egyptian Dance, Traditional Cabaret Style, Persian Dance, and Persian Banderi Dance. Also included are some modern versions of the dance, which are non-traditional, yet quite popular.

Join Rania, Sohaila, Louchia, and Marina Darowish and enjoy the mystical world of Bellydance!

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