Bellydance Oasis - Neena & Veena - CD
Bellydance Oasis by Neena and Veena on CD

Bellydance Oasis - Neena & Veena - CD

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Welcome to Bellydance Oasis, where the sounds will captivate you, and the rhythm will move you. This exciting variety music from across the Middle East is performed by great artists such as The Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra, Hassan Abou El Seoud, Dr. Samy Farag, Said Al Artist, Al-Ahram Orchestra and Cairo Orchestra. Over 70 minutes.

  1. Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra: Egyptian Belly Dance Routine 4:39 (Issal Marra/Oud Taksim/Hayrana Leh/Drum Solo/Finale) 
  2. Hassan Abou El Seoud: Rakset Al Asaya 3:52 (Cane Dance / Egyptian Saidi) 
  3. Dr. Samy Farag: Wa Marret Al Ayam 5:16  (Classical Egyptian)
  4. Anto & Yervant: Greek Belly Dance Routine 4:16
  5. Mohamed El-Bakkar: Desert Gypsy 3:53  (Arabian Gypsy Dance)
  6. Said Al Artist: Drums of Alexandria 2:23   (Drum Solo)
  7. Al-Ahram Orchestra: Soublil Al Ashra 3:52  (Saudi/Khaliji Dance)
  8. A. Mouradian: Two Sisters 3:33  (Persian 6/8 Dance)
  9. Yousef Boutros: Lebanese Belly Dance Routine 4:01  (Adawiah/Violin Taksim/Finale)
  10. Mosavo: Untamed Dancer 4:26  (Tribal Belly Dance)
  11. Cairo Orchestra: Zaffa 4:15  (Arabian Wedding / Zeina)
  12. Ethem Gunduz: Anatolian Delight 3:06  (Gypsy Folk Dance)
  13. Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra: Ya Habibi Ya Ghaybin 4:06
  14. Nor Serount Dance Ensemble: Veil Dance 3:17  (Traditional Armenian)
  15. Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra: Syrian Bellydance Routine 3:50  
  16. Khaled Al Arabi: Tabla Makes You Dance 2:13  (Drum Solo)
  17. Roger Abboud: Eshtaktillak Remixed 4:18  (Egyptian Club Remix)
  18. Jalal Joubi & Ensemble: Aleppo by Night 4:47  (Syrian Muwashahat)

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