Best of Saidi - Fatme Serhan - CD
Best of Saidi by Fatme Serhan on CD

Best of Saidi - Fatme Serhan - CD

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Egyptian Balady and Saidi songs from Egypt's Famous Fatme Serhan, lead singer for Dina. Features full orchestra and powerful vocals. Good music for cane dancing.

  1. Ya Nawaem  
  2. Bent Al Balad  
  3. Taksim Nay  
  4. Mawal Sahibi  
  5. Ala Warag Il Fooll  
  6. Wahyat Gamalak  
  7. Mdalla Y Hilou  
  8. Lisaa Fakir  
  9. Tahtil Shibbak  
  10. Fakkarouni  
  11. Ghannili Shwayyi, Shwayyi  

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