Preventing Wardrobe Malfunctions, Part I

This blog post is first in a series of quick and easy fixes you can do to your costumes to prevent the dreaded wardrobe malfunction, and dance with confidence.
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Discovering Individuality Through the Bellydance Lifestyle

It’s important to me that I feel the same sense of freedom as I costume myself for Bellydance as I do when I choose my movements for Bellydance. As an improvisational fusion artist, I draw my inspiration for Bellydance movement from deep within an intuitive part of my being. Why not draw my costuming creativity from the same wellspring?
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8 Essential Stretches for the Bellydancer

The following 8 stretches are extremely valuable for any belly dancer, and can be incorporated into your stretching routine. Best results will come if you use them at least three times a week in conjunction with your other exercises and drills.
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