My Vision of Belly dance as an Alternative Spiritual Culture By Ansuya

During my time with the wonderful women of Prem Shakti, I am once again amazed by the power of Belly dance to overcome language, cultural, and personal differences, uniting women on a quest to understand the power of sensuality and its physical and spiritual implications. How many reasons are there to dance?
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How To Look Better Naked or In Costume Without Exercising By Meleah

That's right, no exercise required. We have all been told that we have to work out to tone up. Well, that is true of toning muscle. However, you can achieve toning effects for the skin from the outside. Your skin is the most visible part of your body. It should be pampered and maintained as part of your grooming routine. Try some of these techniques and you will see a great improvement. Some of these tricks yield instant results, and others will show improvement in 2-4 weeks. Your skin will be soft and silky to the touch. It will also appear firmer.
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