Boom Shinga Ling by Oojami - CD
Boom Shinga Ling by Oojami on CD

Boom Shinga Ling by Oojami - CD

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The British group Oojami blends hypnotic Middle Eastern modalities with breakbeat rhythms to create an engaging and highly danceable form of world fusion that has been embraced worldwide by modern belly dancers and club kids alike. This third album sticks to the formula established previously, with perhaps slightly more emphasis on upbeat numbers.

1    Wicked And Wild
2    Boom Shinga Ling
3    U And Me
4    Hey Yo
5    Wake Me Up
6    What Kind Of World
7    Move Like A Snake
8    Some Like It Hot
9    Propaganda
10    Hip Shaker
11    Like That
12    Dark Ages
13    Chiky -(Friends, Family & Lovers remix)
14    Zaman
15    Zor

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