Cafe Bellydance by Cairo Cairo - CD
Cafe Bellydance by Cairo Cairo CD

Cafe Bellydance by Cairo Cairo - CD

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The music of Café Bellydance sets a mood of late night get-togethers at outdoor café’s, hookah pipes, the distinct smell of Arabic coffee, and the magical and exotic moves of Bellydance. All of this unique flavor of the Middle Eastern street life is captured on this record. Cairo Cairo composer and musician, Ahmed Sarhan, specializes in taking great Egyptian standards from Abdel Halim Hafez, Um Kalthoum and Mohamed Abdel Wahab, and adding his own genius and delivering a great listening experience for Egyptian music lovers and bellydancers alike.

1    Kalam El Nay
2    Ma Elli Ou Oltello
3    Enta Teghany
4    Helou Ou Kaddab
5    El Sokary
6    Am Al Aman
7    El Balady
8    El Areeb Mennak Baeed
9    Ala Hesb Wedad
10    Hawa Hawaya
11    Salam Kebeer
12    Maksoufa Mennak
13    Gana El Hawa
14    Farah

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