Cairo Cafe (Egyptian Classic Legends) CD
Cairo Cafe - Egyptian Classic Legends on CD

Cairo Cafe (Egyptian Classic Legends) CD

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A Collection of Songs Which Would Have Typically Been Played and Listened to at an Authentic Cairo Oriental Cafe.

  1. Yalii El Hawa Khalak (Abdel Halim Hafez)
  2. Leih Khaletny Ahebak (Nagat)
  3. Ya Donia Ya Gharamy (Mohamed Abdel Wahab)
  4. El Hob El Hakeky (Shadia)
  5. Adawia (Mohamed Roushdy)
  6. La Matghersh Alaia (Laila Morad)
  7. Keda Uehlaw El Kalam (Sayed Mekawy)

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