Can I Learn to Belly Dance Online?

Can I Learn to Belly Dance Online?

Sometimes taking that first step into a belly dance class can be the hardest. You don’t know if you’ll be able to keep up in class, find a time that works for your schedule or will you be able to discover an instructor you like? Fear sometimes holds us back from trying out new things. Luckily online learning is growing faster than ever creating a flexible world of dance classes so there is something out there for everyone.

Belly dance is such a fun dance style to learn. It’s hard to sit still when you hear the music, you can’t help but move your hips, shake your shoulders, and clap. My belly dance journey began 15 years ago. Once I saw my first belly dance performance I was hooked! I bought a hip scarf from and started taking as many classes and workshops as I could find. Before I knew it I was working as a professional belly dancer in the Arabic-night clubs here in Southern California and traveling the US to teach at large belly dance conventions. I feel passionate about this wonderful dance and the cultures it comes from. This dance is for everybody, come as you are and be ready to fall in love with the movements, music, and culture.

Is Belly Dancing Difficult To Learn? 

I always tell my students, if I can learn to belly dance, anyone can! I was very uncoordinated and clumsy before I started dancing. But with patient teachers, I was able to pick up the fluid movements and learn to listen to the drum and instruments. Belly dance developed from many social dances that are still done all around the world. The movements are incredibly fun and children grow up in their homes belly dancing together with their families. Women, men, and children all perform this dance, it’s a dance for everybody. There are numerous styles that fall under the “Belly Dance” umbrella- Egyptian, Moroccan, Lebanese, Turkish, Greek, American Tribal, American Cabaret, Folklore and so much more! You’re sure to find one you will love. The belly dance instructors on are all well trained at breaking down the movements into a fun yet understandable combinations.

Can I Learn Belly Dance at Home?

Yes, you can! You might think learning to dance online is new, but it’s been around for over a decade. Dance instructors all over the world have used technology to connect with their students, build communities and create fun and engaging online classes.  I switched to online learning about 5 years ago when I found a dance teacher that I loved, Amanda Rose, but she lived in Spain and I was here in Los Angeles. Luckily she offered online classes and I never looked back. Many dancers have asked me if they felt that online learning was the same as in-person studio classes. I told them it was nice to have recorded classes because if I didn’t understand something I could go back and re-watch a section multiple times. I could also watch the recordings on my own time and I wasn’t stuck with a particular class time. My dance teacher was able to view my dancing and gave me proper technique correction over video. For me, learning online is just as valuable as in-person classes as you can find just the right instructor for you, and you’re not limited by who lives in your town.

You don’t need a large dance space or a home studio. Just move that coffee table to the side and load up the classes on your TV or Tablet/Computer. Have some water and a towel nearby and get ready to shimmy!

How to Learn Belly Dance Online?

It’s so easy to learn to belly dance online! There are two types of online classes you can find: Pre-Recorded and Live. offers the largest selection of pre-recorded belly dance classes from world-class instructors. Starting off with pre-recorded classes is a great way to jump into the beautiful world of belly dance. You can watch the videos at your own pace, pausing and rewinding as needed.’s Instructors are all clear, fun, and incredibly knowledgeable in guiding beginners all the way through advanced levels. They cover a range of topics, from technique to musicality to finger cymbals and more! 

You can easily access all of their videos via a monthly or yearly subscription. You can log in anytime and watch videos as often as you need to. They even offer performance videos and educational content.

You can check out their other website for lots of fun class apparel so you can really get your dance on! Hip scarves, costumes, veils, finger cymbals, and more! 

There are so many amazing instructors all over the world teaching live online right now. Try Chudney Raks she’s so kind and patient with her students, but you’ll also have lots of fun shaking and shimmying in her live classes. Many of the instructors also offer live classes from time to time too. Start following them on social media to find out their current live class schedules. 

The world of belly dance is a beautiful community of dancers whose love of music and dance connects us all. Sign up today at to start learning to belly dance at an affordable rate. You can cancel anytime, but after you get those hips shaking you won’t regret it.

Dance artist Adrianne is a beloved performer from Los Angeles, California. Her passion for the art of raqs sharqi (belly dance) is evident every time she glides across the stage. A lifelong artist and professional performer since 2007, Adrianne is passionate about Egyptian folkloric styles like Saidi and modern Oriental style. She worked as a professional belly dancer in the Arab-American nightclubs in Southern California where she fell in love with live music the people and culture. She’s also a gifted instructor and has taught specialty workshops across the Southwestern United States. Committed to preserving authenticity in her choreographies, she’s also been instrumental in working to preserve the rich history of belly dancing and Arabic culture on the West Coast. Working alongside filmmaker Roxxanne Shelby, Adrianne served as associate producer on the acclaimed film The Fez Documentary, preserving the stories of the multicultural dancers and musicians working at Hollywood’s famed night club The Fez from the 1950s-1970s. 

You can learn more about Adrianne at