Casbah Bellydance - Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra - CD
Casbah Bellydance by Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra on CD

Casbah Bellydance - Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra - CD

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Welcome to Casbah Bellydance, where The Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra presents traditional Arabian favourites from Cairo to Damascus. Put on your fez, sip your tea and enjoy your hookah to these Middle Eastern classics performed with authentic instrumentation: oud, kanoun, violin, nay, tabla and daff.

  1. Nabtadi Minen Il Hikaya (Egypt)  
  2. Mshwar (Oud Solo)  
  3. Sidi Mansour Ya Baba (Tunisia)  
  4. Chobi Iraqi (Iraq)  
  5. Ya Ein Moulayyiten (Lebanon)  
  6. Il Hilwa Di (Egypt)  
  7. A Rammallah (Palestine)  
  8. Ayouni (Nay Solo)  
  9. Ebaad ?Leyla, Leyla? (Saudi Arabia)  
  10. Hizzy (Tabla Solo)  
  11. Khusara, Khusara (Egypt)  
  12. Moushtaq (Oud Solo)  
  13. Shinanay Yavroum (Greece)  
  14. Habbeyna (Egypt)  
  15. Tabbalak (Drum Solo)  
  16. Ya Tayyeb Al Galb (Saudi Arabia)  

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