Damascus Passage by Ibrahim Hassan - CD
Damascus Passage by Ibrahim Hassan on CD

Damascus Passage by Ibrahim Hassan - CD

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Damascus is one of the world's oldest cities with cultural traditions dating back centuries. One of the most important of these traditions is the art of music, which includes influences from many different ethnic groups including Arabs, Turks, Kurds, Rom, and others. Ibrahim Hassan performs on the buzuk, a long-neck lute that is popular in the Levant, showcasing the music that results from the rich cultural mix of his homeland. With tasteful but exciting accompaniment by Waddah Kourani on bass, Saleh Bakdash and Souheil Kasbar on percussion, Hassan takes the listener on a musical journey sure to delight the listener and the dancer alike.

  1. Takasim Helm (1:15)  
  2. Bal Fala Jamal Sari (5:13)  
  3. Takasim Leyla (2:37)  
  4. Ala Alla Taoud (3:30)  
  5. Alala Oo Lala (4:00)  
  6. Bent Al Shalabiyya (2:52)  
  7. Ya Tera Tiri (2:50)  
  8. Dara Douri (2:17)  
  9. Takasim Wa Angham (2:59)  
  10. Ana Hayrana (2:11)  
  11. Takasim Hilwa (2:13)  
  12. Khatwa Zarifa (5:10)  
  13. Mavi-Mavi (3:03)  
  14. Jiranem Allah, Allah (1:17)  
  15. Ya Delho (1:06)  
  16. Yama Yalla Alghsoon (0:58)  
  17. Khaddouka Al Mayyas (0:51)  
  18. Bali Bal (2:19)  

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