Dance Like an Egyptian Vol. 3 - Mohamed Shahin - DVD
Dance Like an Egyptian Vol. 3 by Mohamed Shahin on DVD

Dance Like an Egyptian Vol. 3 - Mohamed Shahin - DVD

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In Mohamed Shahin'sDance Like an Egyptian Volume 3 you will learn three different dances! For each dance, Mohamed breaks the teaching into three sections. First, he goes through the counts and explains the technique. Second, he demonstrates with the drum. And third, he demonstrates with the music.

Dance #1: Egyptian Oriental Song technique and choreography - Mohamed will explain the hand gesture that goes along with the words, and the movements in this choreography are very soft as the music. The song translation is written on the cover of this DVD. Music: "Fakir" by Fadel Shakir.

Dance #2: Saidi Cane technique and combinations. Mohamed gives detailed breakdown of the movements for four combinations that can be used with any of the Saidi rhythms. Having a little Oriental flavor in them means you can incorporate them into the Saidi sections of your Oriental music.

Dance #3: Shaabi technique and choreography. Using a fun and upbeat song called "Elwad Gannani" (meaning "This guy is driving me crazy), Mohamed will breakdown the technique and explain all of the hand gestures in the choreography

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