The Dancing Drum Vol. II by Issam Houshan - CD
The Dancing Drum Vol II by Issam Houshan CD

The Dancing Drum Vol. II by Issam Houshan - CD

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Performed by master percussionist Issam Houshan. Features 3 new drum solos and 14 rhythm tracks for bellydancers containing some unusual rhythms not often found on percussion CDs. Each track is between 3 to 5 minutes and features tabla, riq, duff and dehollah. Ideal not only for instructors but for students and professionals alike. Issam has performed with music superstars from both the Arab world and the West and is the driving musical force behind the Internationally acclaimed Bellydance Superstars.

1    Simmabulous (Drum Solo)
2    Party Drum (Drum Solo)
3    Karsihlagala (Drum Solo)
4    Aksak
5    Darege (Okrouk)
6    Dawer Al Hindi
7    Georgina
8    Sout Al Shammi
9    Masmoudi Sar'ye
10    Mathallath Iraqi
11    Mawari
12    Rumba
13    Samaii Thaqil
14    Samba
15    Sout
16    Tayer
17    Waltz

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